Studying BHM at AITM College

May 9, 2024


Studying BHM at AITM College



Bachelor's in Hotel Management (BHM) has been the choice of management students for the past few years now. AITM School of Hotel Management provides an environment where students are challenged regularly and encouraged to pursue their professional requirements. As one of the best hotel management colleges in Nepal, the School of Hotel Management, AITM is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding faculties. Our faculty members do not just train the young school graduates; they transmute them into tomorrow’s leaders of the Hospitality industry. The hospitality industry includes a wide range of service-related fields, such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, and others in the domain of travel. 

Bachelor’s in International Hotel and Tourism Management (BHM) is a specialized course that not only foresees the areas of the hotel industry pertaining to food and drinks but also the management of events, games, amusements, tourism and much more. We provide cutting-edge skills and make our students capable of accommodating the ever-emerging demands in the hotel industry. Our students are qualified to turn challenges into innovative experiences and global careers. They are trained for good interpersonal skills, persuasiveness, and a positive attitude. While acquiring knowledge, we put emphasis on a balanced combination of theory and practice to make sure that it can be introduced to many career options.

AITM is undoubtedly one of the best colleges for hotel management in Nepal. Here, we believe the curriculum is much important in shaping how the student’s character builds up in their coming years. Therefore, the curriculum at AITM is intricately designed so as to match all the requirements of the current scenario so as to prepare our students for life in general, rather than for the hospitality industry only. 

The research-based study is our fundamental priority which personalizes our students’ experiences and broadens their cognitive skills for analytical findings and interpretations. The academic overall success is further accomplished in close connection with the Nepal Education Foundation-Consortium of Colleges (NEF-CCN) which governs a corporate role in this enlightening mission. Our curriculum is further strengthened and streamlined through close bonds that we maintain with industry leaders. Our student's learning is enriched in the field through real-world projects conducted in association with industry professionals. School of Hotel Management frequently calls industry experts for guest lectures, assessments and job interviews. We feel a sense of accomplishment when we hear from the hotels that our students are able to delight their valuable customers in terms of both production and services. We are the recipient of the “Second Best Hospitality/Tourism College Nepal-2014” by New Business Age magazine. Our graduates are a part of the top five-star hotels in the world. Among our alumni are the ones involved in operating their own outlets in Nepal and abroad. 

Our Affiliation

It is our great pleasure to let you know that we are affiliated with INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE (IMI), SWITZERLAND for this course of BHM. IMI International Management Institute, Switzerland is a unique private school offering cutting-edge hospitality education from foundation level all the way to a Masters's degree. We are a world-renowned international hotel management school with strong links on all continents of the globe. At the same time, they have deliberately remained small with a maximum of 220 students per semester, thus delivering a highly personalised educational experience. The graduates can be found in senior management positions all around the world. We can proudly say that we are the best college for hotel management in Kathmandu.

IMI is a top-class institution in its game since its inception with more than 25 years of experience, assisting students from all over the world in realising both their professional and personal potential. Although the foundation of their work has always been vocational education and training, they also acknowledge the importance of research. IMI believes that superior education should be accompanied by superior results from applied research. Thus, IMI aims to do rigorous research that improves teaching and learning procedures, answers the needs of organisations and policymakers, and develops academics' understanding of the management of hospitality and tourism organisations.

The awards they have been bestowed with over the years prove their competence and excellence in their field:

  1. One of the world’s top 50 Hotel and Hospitality Management Schools (CEO, World Magazine, 2016)

  2. 17th out of 50 top Hospitality & Leisure Management Schools (QS, World University Ranking, 2017)

  3. 12th out of 50 top Hospitality & Leisure Management Schools (QS, World University Ranking, 2019)

  4. 11th out of 50 top Hospitality & Leisure Management Schools (QS, World University Ranking, 2020)

  5. 15th out of 50 top Hospitality & Leisure Management Schools (QS, World University Ranking, 2021)

  6. 17th out of 50 top Hospitality & Leisure Management Schools (QS, World University Ranking, 2022)

This programme, Bachelor’s in International Hotel and Tourism Management, prepares students for the demands of senior management and allows a measure of specialisation in a combination of two fields of study; Hotel and Tourism. The curriculum focuses on the strategic business development of organisations and the Dissertation allows self-study and for students to further specialise. This is for students who intend to make their management careers in the industry and wish to be best placed to achieve rapid promotion.

Is BHM the right choice for me?

If you find yourself in a constant bind about whether or not the degree in Hotel Management is for you, then don’t fret because you are not the only one with that thought haunting you. Completing high school opens up a network of paths for you. The challenge is to figure out which one to take for yourself. Deciding the course of study for your Bachelor’s Degree is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make for yourself. Making that choice involves a critical consideration of your interests, the prospects that the study would present for your future and the demand for the human resources that the study would generate in the coming years.  What you do not want to do is get influenced by the choices of your friends or the opinions of your parents! So maybe ask a few questions, take a mental note of what you like and explore your available options. 

This might be a good starting point for your thoughts. Choose this course if you:

  1. Are the first person your friends think of at the mention of the word “food”

  2. Are passionate about providing service to others

  3. Want to explore different parts of the world through food and hospitality

  4. Follow a lot of food bloggers on your social media 

  5. See yourself competing in a certain Masterchef someday

  6. Have a thing for managing events, and so on…


At AITM, we believe in making students ready for the world, rather than for the exams. While exams are necessary for evaluating the status of a student, it is never the full metric to judge them on. Therefore, our syllabus is crafted in such a way that the students will learn about the industry while acquiring the necessary set of skills that would prepare them to lead the hospitality industry. The following is the syllabus validated by one of the top Hospitality & Leisure Management Schools as ranked by QS World University Rankings, IMI Switzerland, that we implement at AITM:

Semester I   Semester II
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours   Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
FP001 Food Production-I 3   FP002 Food production –II 3
FB001 Food and Beverage Service-I 3   FB002 Food and Beverage Service-II 3
AO001 Accomodation Operations 3   AO002 Accommodation Management 3
PDP002 Personal Development and Communication Skills 3   FS001 Food Science and Nutrition 3
TM001 Fundamentals of Hospitality and Tourism Industry 3   MGT012 Sustainability in Hospitality Industry 3
LA002 Introductory French 3   LA003 Intermediate French 3
Semester III   Semester IV
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours   Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
FP003 Food Production - III 3   BC006 Bakery and Confectionary 3
FB003 Food and Beverage Service - III 3   FO002 Front Office Management. 3
FO001 Front Office Operations 3   FB005 Barista and coffee making 3
MGT001 Principles of Management 3   MGT004 Services Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism 3
MGT002 Financial Management for Hospitality and Tourism 3   MGT005 Hotel Statistics 3
MGT003 Hospitality Law 3   AT002 Adventure Tourism 3
Semester V   Semester VI
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours   Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MGT006 Events Management 3   FP004 Food Production-IV 3
RD001* Enterprise Development Project 3   FB004 Wine and Beverage Studies 3
MGT008 Human Resources Management for Hospitality and Tourism 3   MGT011 Food and Beverage Cost Control 3
MGT009 Hotel Interior Design and Maintenance 3   MGT007 Management information system 3
TM003 Anthropology and Sociology of Tourism 3   RD002 Research Methodology 3
AI001 Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Hotel Industry 3   TM004 Tourism Destination Marketing 3
Semester VII   Semester VIII
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours   Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
IT001 Industrial Training (Internship) 18   IT002 Industrial Training (Internship) 18
        IT003 Report Writing on Internship 3

The course runs for 4 years (8 semesters), spanning a total of 147 credit hours. After successfully completing their academics for 6 semesters, the students are required to fulfil their quota of internships that run for the entirety of the final year. The students will solely be judged on the basis of that internship and the report they prepare, pertaining to that, in the last two semesters.  Currently, students at AITM are getting opportunities at world-class hotels in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Malaysia, Germany, India and Nepal.

But why BHM?

Graduates of BHM programmes are known to have a variety of attractive job prospects. Since there are numerous domains in the hotel industry, so are the employment sectors and the job possibilities that are available. At AITM, since the students must undergo internships in course of the final two semesters, our graduates have been known to get lucrative packages the first thing after college. 

If you are wondering what kinds of jobs you can get after being graduated, here is a curated list that might be helpful:

  1. General Manager

  2. Residential Manager

  3. Tourism Officer

  4. Executive Housekeeper

  5. Front Office Manager

  6. Convention Service Manager

  7. Catering Manager

  8. Chef

  9. Conference Center Manager

  10. Event Manager

  11. Restaurant Manager

  12. Tour Manager, and much more…

With such a wide range of job prospects on the plate, it goes without saying that you will surely get one that interests you. Also, the salary of hotel management in Nepal is quite promising. 

The scope of hotel management in Nepal is tremendous. The industry is pacing development through resorts, cafes, five-star hotels, and culinary chains, including inter-hotel and national franchises. Therefore, it is safe to say that the future of this industry seems bright. With both the public and private sectors having a strong demand (and supply likewise), the industry is liable to be well-established in the future. Educationally as well, there are several specialization courses that you can take for a master's in hotel management in Nepal or elsewhere. With such a diverse domain, here are some of the areas where BHM graduates can pursue their careers:

  1. Recreational catering

  2. Clubs

  3. Institutional and industrial services

  4. Cafes and Restaurants

  5. Health centre catering

  6. Airline and cabin services

  7. Tourist destinations management

  8. Event catering and management

  9. Catering equipment production, supply, and distribution

  10. Resorts and lodges

  11. Government events, destinations, and organization

  12. Fast food joint


…and why AITM?

It is always hard to give reasons as to why someone should do one thing over the other. People have their own preferences and biases. However, it goes without saying that the decisions, no matter what the biases and preferences contribute to, should be made considering all the pros and cons of the respective choice. 

AITM, one of the top 10 hotel management colleges in Nepal, is managed by experts in education and other fields with more than three decades of track record. With great instructors, top-notch infrastructure, and cutting-edge amenities, AITM has some of the best facilities in the nation. By collaborating with Birmingham City University in the UK, IMI University Center in Switzerland, and other internationally renowned academic institutions, AITM hopes to be a positive change agent for the country, the region, and the world. By doing so, it will be able to benefit from their extensive experience and demonstrated success in working in multinational and multicultural academic settings. The primary goal of providing international programmes in Nepal is to transform Nepalese higher education institutions into exceptional centres of learning, outfitted to support top-notch instruction, scholarship, and research, and to produce enlightened citizens with steadfast moral and ethical values. In order to offer worldwide academic programmes that may draw not just students from within the nation but also from Asia and beyond, AITM is forming strategic collaborations with respected academic institutions in Asia and beyond.

While that is what AITM believes in and has been doing, there have been several program-specific details that serve as an incentive to the students pursuing a BHM degree. 

Credit Transfer

If you have been the kind of person, frustrated with the kind of education you are currently getting in Nepal, we have you covered. Let's face it, foreign education is expensive. It takes a toll on the economy of your family and clearly, as responsible children, you would like to minimize that.

AITM brings you the best-in-class syllabus and a rewarding degree from a trusted foreign university, right at your doorstep. In addition, if you still want to experience their education, right at their place, then we even have a provision for an Exchange Program. We believe the program is bound to enable our students to thrive with newer challenges in a newer environment. Not only that, bringing in students from overseas as a part of the said program will allow the students here to experience and look at things from a newer perspective.

As an AITM student, you can opt-in for an exchange program through which you will be able to transfer your credit and continue your studies at IMI Switzerland for the remaining part of your degree.

AITM Industry Connect Model

Nepal has been seeing some serious employment deficits in recent years. We are producing a large number of human resources each year only for them to be frustrated due to unemployment. This has rendered people to believe incompetence lies in them which has led to problems such as brain drain and even mental health problems. 

As a solution, AITM has brought in a new initiative known as the AITM Industry Connect Model. This initiative looks to bridge the gap between the academic and the corporate sectors by providing the students with the necessary skills along with education thereby preparing industry-ready graduates. 

Training and Events

Should you choose to spend the 4 years of your undergraduate degree at AITM, we assure you that will not be limited only to classrooms. As we have repeatedly stated that we believe in redying students for life rather than exams, we have curated training packages and events that you will have access to once you are a student at AITM. The following is the list of comprehensive events designed for maximizing the productivity of our students:

Semester I: Personality Development Training

Semester II: Hotel Visit 

Semester III: Parents Dining Programs 

Semester IV: Certified Barista Training/200 Hours Hotel Training/Flower & Rangoli Competition 

Semester V: Young Chef Competition 

Semester VI: State Banquet Theme & HACCP Training

Apart from that, with no regard to the semester, students can be a part of Food Festival and Industrial Tours. 

Furthermore, to strengthen the skillset of our students, we have brought the following programs:

  1. Hosco

    Hosco is a global leader in finding hospitality jobs. Apply for jobs, find courses, make connections, and get career advice. Hosco has everything you need to thrive in hospitality. 

  2. Typsy

    Typsy empowers hospitality professionals by giving them access to specialised online courses. It has over 1000 lessons in a growing video library and it's all contained on a purpose-built platform.

  3. Oxford Achiever

    Oxford Achiever is a comprehensive web-based learning and assessment system developed with the aim of building students’ language skills and subject knowledge along an individualised, self-paced learning path.

Gallery of Placement Partners

It is a proud moment for us to tell you that we have the largest gallery of placement partners available in Nepal. We provide our students with counselling to help them find what they actually want to do and a dedicated placement cell to ensure that they do not wander off to the wrong path in search of what they want. Similarly, we regularly host Job Fairs. The following are some of our placement partners for the BHM program:

  1. DoubleTree by Hilton

  2. Crowne Plaza

  3. Shangri-La

  4. Sheraton

  5. Marriott 

  6. Hyatt 

  7. Mövenpick, and much more…


The AITM sponsors numerous events all throughout the year to engage students and their intellectuals on various levels. Football, futsal, basketball, and other indoor game competitions are just a few of the sporting activities we host. Sports are a great way to decompress from daily stress and socialise, so we think that participating in these activities will help students get to know one another better while also improving their health. Our competitions are usually accompanied by awards for the winners to encourage participation and foster a spirit of sportsmanship. To teach the management of such events, we involve our students as organizers through the student-led Sports Club as well.

Prom Nights and the Welcome and Farewell programs are other yearly events to keep an eye out for. Additionally, the college hosts a number of intercollegiate art competitions as well as other cultural events.
AITM has established official relationships with various business houses both inside and beyond the Kathmandu valley in order to give the students the opportunity to visit companies and regions recognised for innovative business methods.

Parting Words

Humans like to travel. We all do. And when we do, it is a certainty that we seek hospitality. The hotel industry is at a peak, but I daresay that it is yet to reach new heights. With the explosion of the tourism and hospitality industry, there has been an extreme increment in the number of hotels and resorts in Nepal. This can be related to the increasing corporate culture in a way. The more the general business industry is flourishing, people are looking more to travel and travel happens to be the sole cornerstone of this industry.

In that light, the Hospitality and Tourism sector is definitely one of the fields that has a long future ahead. So it is high time if you want to jump in and set sail with us for an exciting journey!

Still not convinced? Visit us at AITM, Khumaltar Heights Satdobato, Lalitpur, or reach us out at 9849449503 so that we can discuss what’s on your mind.