+2 Management


The +2 Management program in Nepal equips students for business and commerce careers. It typically lasts two years and covers foundational subjects like accounting, marketing, economics, and business communication. Practical skills like report writing and presentations are also emphasized. This program prepares students for further studies in business administration or directly entering entry-level positions in banking, finance, sales, or marketing. It fosters critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills valuable for success in the business world.

Entry Requirement

Minimum Academic Performance:

  • You must have passed the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) with a minimum GPA of 1.6 in the aggregate.

Subject-Specific Grades:

  • You'll need a minimum grade of D+ in English, Nepali, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science in your SEE exams.

Course Specification


  1. Business Management: Introduces core management functions like planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

  2. Accounting: Covers basic accounting principles, bookkeeping, and financial statement preparation.

  3. Economics: Explores economic theories, market structures, and international trade.

  4. Principles of Marketing: Introduces marketing concepts, consumer behavior, and marketing strategies.

  5. Office Management: Covers communication skills, office procedures, and information technology applications.

  6. Business English: Enhances communication skills for business purposes.


Enhancing employability skills



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